About Omroep MAX

About Omroep MAX

Public broadcaster Omroep MAX aims to show people over fifty as they are: often very active, involved in their environment and fully part of modern society. On the one hand, this is a signal to society that people over 50 are actively participating and are still important. On the other hand, it is a call for people over fifty to retain or take their position as active people and citizens. Our programs focus specifically on the social environments and ways of thinking of the over-50s. MAX’ approach in making programs and reaching its target group is what makes the broadcaster distinctive. From our independent position, both with regard to politics and religion, we reach the over-50s in a way that appeals to them.

Of course not all people over fifty are the same, but as a group the over-50s distinguish themselves from other age groups. By their positive and negative experiences, people over fifty have acquired the tools to fully celebrate life. With their vast life experience, people over fifty are able to convey their beliefs and values to others. MAX not only wants to offer the over-50s high-quality content on the radio, television and internet, but also wants to protect their interests. We also pay attention to the more difficult aspects of aging, such as loneliness and deteriorating health. We are committed to improving and enriching the lives of the elderly, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The core values of MAX are: committed, connecting and reliable.

Good governance

MAX is aware that a public broadcaster must make programs independently, even in the event of a third party making a financial contribution to a program, and we shall act with due diligence to protect our independence. Omroep MAX is a not-for-profit organisation. In all our activities we do not serve the profit motive of third parties.

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